Spy Ski School (Spy School #4)

Spy Ski School


Ben Ripley enrolls in ski school, where the slopes, and the stakes, get really steep in this follow-up to the Edgar Award–nominated Spy School, Spy Camp, and Evil Spy School. Thirteen-year-old Ben Ripley is not exactly the best student spy school has ever seen—he keeps flunking Advanced Self Preservation. But outside of class, Ben is pretty great at staying alive. His enemies have kidnapped him, shot at him, locked him in a room with a…


Spy Ski School, the perfect alternative for young readers of Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. Stuart Gibbs’ character of Ben offers young readers a character who is flawed in some ‘spy’ ways, but who uses his brain to think his way out of tough situations. And, for adults, this is brain candy . . . an entertaining, diversionary read.

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