Michele McMorrow’s review

Review : I was already familiar with the history of the USS Mississinewa when I picked up Faces in the Flames. I also realized that the book was written for a younger reader so, with that in mind, I thought it might be fun to read the book as the intended audience might, allocating 20-30 minutes at a time—as one might expect a child to encounter the book in a classroom setting.
The self-imposed limit was more difficult to deal with than I had expected! Not only were the characters compelling but the story moved quickly and kept me totally absorbed. The young man’s love and pride in his Dad’s and Granddad’s accomplishments rang true, as did all the temptations to ignore any parental restrictions as they arrived at the wreck. As I read, I found myself “introduced” to my adolescent self—complete with the hopes, embarrassments, dreams and self-doubts of that age, especially in matters of the heart!
I looked forward to each chapter with an enthusiasm that I had not anticipated and really struggled to stay the course with my approach to reading the book.
This volume is certainly one that I would recommend –period.
For a youngster, I think the story, the action and the insight into the young fellow’s thoughts will ring true.
For an older reader, like myself, it’s an opportunity to enjoy a good story and recall that sweet time of youth, when all things are new and all things are possible.

Michele McMorrow’s review
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