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Faces in the Flames: A Ghost Story

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5.0 out of 5 stars History, Mystery, and More!

Reviewed in the United States on November 24, 2018

Verified Purchase Grades 6 and up. Cam's grandfather survived a sinking ship in World War II, and while diving the wreckage, Cam is drawn to a relic shining in the water. He's then haunted by a ghost sailor from the past. Cam must find out what the ghost wants before it's too late! Themes of family, memory, and what it means to really be a hero are explored in this highly engaging read. From island life to diving dangers and narrow escapes from an exploding ship, Fulleman takes a true story and tells it well from the perspective of a teenage boy. Readers will be up late with this one, (I was!) and inspired to seek out their own family war histories, making this a great pick for a history classroom or family read. Questions about what really happened, i.e. was there really a dog on the ship? Did Fulleman dive the wreck? How was a suicide submarine involved? All these and more questions are answered at the end of the book! Descriptive, moving, and relatable. Highly recommended! ~ M Butera, high school librarian. __________ 4.0 out of 5 stars Inspiring, educational AND entertaining!

Reviewed in the United States on August 6, 2020

I’m so grateful that a friend loaned this book to me. As for the 4 stars, please consider that only Shakespeare gets 5 stars from me! Ha, I’m very critical, but this book makes me want to return to the classroom, just so I can teach a history unit on WW2, using this book as the jumping off point. It’s high interest reading for teens who may struggle with vocabulary and comprehension, but it’s not in the least condescending. This is because it is full of irresistible mystery and romance. It includes all of the materials needed to expand lessons through writing and discussion and there is more content available online. At first, I thought it may only appeal only to boys, but two compelling females are important characters as well. This review comes from my sensibilities as an educator, but, trust me, this story also stands alone as an entertaining read, especially now.

Limo for Two?


Lauren Cannarella rated it 4-Stars.          really liked it

Shelves: hi-lo This was an excellent book for very low level jr. high or high school student. I was very impressed with all of the books I have read in this series. ++++++++++ from WSHUHSD Library Catalog
4-Stars By Pxxxxx T. on 10-13-2015 I liked this book because it was pretty easy to read and it was good, the book had lots of things that junior high kids go through, and it also shows how they solved their problems

Stink Bombs


Donna Sioles rated it 4-Stars.         really liked it I have read "Stink Bombs," as well as this author's other books (Limo for Two? and The Tattoo). I liked the fact that these books have "Questions for Discussions" at the end of the stories to help the reader better understand what they had read. This particular story focused on reminding the boys in the story to "walk in the other guy's shoes" to better understand others and what they're going through in life. The publisher/author's website ( offers Lesson Plans and other resources for both the home schoolers and public school teachers alike. ++++++++++ from WSHUHSD Library Catalog
5-Stars By Jxxxx G. on 09-23-2016 The book Stink Bombs by R.Fullen was a very humorous book. I would recommend this book to anybody that likes to read short books and anybody that likes funny books.This book should be recommended to anybody that can’t read high level books. This book is very funny, interesting, and interactive books. If people like books that are about pranks on other kids you should be reading this kind of book.

The Tattoo


Lauren Cannarella rated it 4-Stars.    really liked it
May 06, 2013


from WSHUHSD Library Catalog
By Jacob W. on 10-13-2015
This book is amazing. I would really recommend you reading this book. This is now one of my favorite books.


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