From Gordon Korman comes a middle grade novel about a group of kids forced to “unplug” at a wellness camp—where they instead find intrigue, adventure, and a whole lot of chaos. As the son of the world’s most famous tech billionaire, Jett Baranov has always gotten exactly what he wanted. So, when his father’s private jet drops him in the middle of Little Rock, Arkansas, at a wellness camp called the Oasis, Jett can’t believe…


Gordon Korman’s “Unplugged” was an enjoyable read. It was not of the same high calibur as Unteachables or Restart, but it was an enjoyable read. Korman has a way with young character’s dialogues. You quickly feel a connection with them and want to hear what they have to say. In this case, it’s the son of a computer company billionaire that’s been sent to a camp in the middle of nowhere. The young ‘brat’ has to learn what it means to be responsible and to put other’s feelings above his own. Read “Unplugged” to see if you think the camp is successful or not.

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