The Hypnotists (The Hypnotists, #1)

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An all-new, mesmerizing adventure from the masterful Gordon Korman! Jackson Opus has always been persuasive, but he doesn't know that he's descended from the two most powerful hypnotist bloodlines on the planet. He's excited to be accepted into a special program at the Sentia Institute -- but when he realizes he's in over his head, Jackson will have to find a way to use his powers to save his friends, his parents, and his government.

Gordon Korman’s, The Hypnotists, while being a good Middle Grade read, with a “how’re they going to resolve this,” kind of ending, it was not exactly mesmerizing. A reluctant reader may give up on it before finishing.

Gordon Korman is such a great and prolific writer, one comes to expect more and more from his stories. So, I may have had too high of expectations. But, in this story, the protagonist, Jax, goes through so much of the story somewhat clueless as to what’s happening to him. Also, his powers to hypnotize are great, and at times he uses them wisely, but other times, he doesn’t seem to know what to do. It’s a bit daunting for the reader.

I see this is book one in a series of two (at the time of this review), so I’ll give #2 a try and see how that turns out. (Also, as a bit of a vague spoiler, Korman will need book 2 to wrap up what started in this book 1.

The Hypnotists (The Hypnotists, #1)
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