The Case of the Missing Marquess (Enola Holmes, #1)

The Case of the Missing Marquess
When Enola Holmes, the much younger sister of detective Sherlock Holmes, discovers her mother has disappeared—on her 14th birthday nonetheless—she knows she alone can find her. Disguising herself as a grieving widow, Enola sets out to the heart of London to uncover her mother’s whereabouts—but not even the last name Holmes can prepare her for what awaits. Suddenly involved in the kidnapping of the young Marquess of Basilwether, Enola must escape murderous villains, free the…

If you are a huge Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes fan, this book may not be your cup of tea. Although Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes do come into this story, their presence is fleeting. Enola, a young girl who just became 14-years old at the beginning of the story, loses her mother. She didn’t die; she just vanished. That’s the basis of the story, Enola setting out on her own to find her mother.

The “detective work” involved in the story is minimal, but Enola’s not really knowing her famous brothers hasn’t prepared her for too much deductive prowess. I must say that the author has done what seems like a lot of research into the period aspect of the stories since they take place in the actual Sherlock Holmes’ time period of the 1880s.

All that being said, it is an entertaining book with some suspense. I will probably read additional volumes in the series to see how they progress.

The Case of the Missing Marquess (Enola Holmes, #1)
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