Double Cross (The Last Musketeer #3)

Double Cross


The past, present, and future are all at stake in this final book in the thrilling time travel adventure trilogy from New York Times bestselling author Stuart Gibbs. Greg Rich should feel invincible. After all, he's traveled through time, become one of the legendary Musketeers, and-most recently-prevented the Spanish army from attacking Paris. Instead, he and his friends are languishing in prison, having fallen into a trap set by Milady and the Prince of Conde.…


The Last Musketeer (#3 Double Cross) (MG) by Stuart Gibbs is much like the previous two in the series, full of adventure and excitement. The protagonist, Greg (aka D’Artagnan) had his hands full trying to save himself, his friends, his parents, and France itself. The big take-away from this is that when faced with difficult situations one must think things through before they react or give up. He shows it’s important to remain hopeful and positive. I also liked how in this story, Gibbs wove a page turner of a story while giving an interesting look at 17th century France.

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