Charlie Thorne and the Last Equation

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The world’s youngest and smartest genius is forced to use her unbelievable code-breaking skills to outsmart Einstein. Charlie Thorne is a genius. Charlie Thorne is a thief. Charlie Thorne isn’t old enough to drive. And now it’s up to her to save the world… Decades ago, Albert Einstein devised an equation that could benefit all life on earth—or destroy it. Fearing what would happen if the equation fell into the wrong hands, he hid it.…


First impressions are not Charlie Thorne’s friend. This young girl takes time to become someone who the reader likes, but by the time you finish reading Charlie Throne and the Last Equation, you’re looking for the next in the series.
Author Stuart Gibbs does a good job of reminding readers that gender shouldn’t be a factor in judging people’s abilities. I think that though this book will be something most every young girl will enjoy reading, young boys can also enjoy the suspense and action offered. Stuart Gibbs has obviously done a great deal of research to make every aspect of this story as authentic and inviting as possible. Like all his other books, well done. @AuthorStuGibbs

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