Faces in the Flames: A Ghost Story

Two stories in one book. Faces in the Flames: A Ghost Story tells about a teen, named Cam, who SCUBA dives on his grandfather’s sunken WWII ship, along with his dad.  Going into the sunken ship, he retrieves a shiny keepsake that seemed to ‘call’ to him.  Little did he know it came with a ghost. He and his friends had to figure out what the ghost wanted of him, why it chose Cam, and what Cam had to do to get rid of the ghost.

The second part, Faces in the Flames: The True Story tells briefly tells the actual stories of 11 sailors as they fought for survival and rescue from a burning, sinking ship in WWII.  This is the inspiring story of the USS Mississinewa, sunk in WWII by the first use of a suicide sub by the Imperial Japanese Navy.

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Faces in the Flames: A Ghost Story & The True Story ISBN: 978-1939986238 (paperback) Order now at any of these fine booksellers:
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tel: 818.783.4071 suirha88 5.0 out of 5 stars  Great for all readers, history with a twist! This is a great read with a surprising finish! It will hook readers regardless of their ability level, and may even get them interested in learning about another time period. I’m a teacher, and look forward to providing this book as an added resource to my most hesitant readers. They’re going to enjoy the modern story, and also get a more personal account of World War 2 and why it stands out in our history generations later. ***** Michelle McMorrow rated it 5-Stars on Goodreads – . . .As I read, I found myself “introduced” to my adolescent self-complete with the hopes, embarrassments, dreams and self-doubts of that age, especially in matters of the heart! . . . For a youngster, I think the story, the action and the insight into the young fellow’s thoughts will ring true.
For an older reader, like myself, it’s an opportunity to enjoy a good story and recall that sweet time of youth, when all things are new and all things are possible. Camille rated it 5-Stars on Goodreads –  it was amazing Faces in the Flames was a book personally recommended to me from my school library. The heartfelt story of the relationship between a boy and his grandfather is incredibly inspiring and the story details it strongly. I would recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of a touching, family focused story.



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